What is IIMC?​

The International Investor-State Mediation Competition (IIMC) organized by The Moot Court Bench is the first of its kind and is set to be an avant-garde entrant to the world of Mediation. IIMC is an opportunity for university students to build their knowledge and skills in Investor-State Mediation.

The competition will contribute to the development of a generation of young, skilled Mediators competent in Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) by enabling students to learn from the best scholars in the world of mediation to conclusively create future leaders of the field – locally and internationally. By simulating realistic environments, the competition equips the participants with the confidence to explore Investment Mediation as a future career prospect. 

What is Investor-State Mediation?​​

Investor-State Mediation (ISM) is where mediation is used to resolve conflicts between a private party and a sovereign state I.e., investor-state disputes. Mediation provides the host States and foreign investors with a high degree of autonomy over the decision-making process thus placing emphasis on harmony and achieving mutually beneficial results for the disputing parties. This facilitates the creation and preservation of strong, persevering relationships between host States and their investors.