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Not everyone gets to say they made history by taking part in the worlds first Investor-State Mediation Competition. It's time for you to join the next generation of ISDS Mediators.

Global Research Access

Enjoy unfettered access to Jus Mundi for two entire months in preparation for the Worlds First Investor State-Mediation Competition

Mediation Master Class

An exclusive Master Class for IIMC Participants on Mediation and Mediation Advocacy. Equip yourself with the skills needed to be a world class mediator and advocate.

IIMC | The Investor-State Mediation Competition

IIMC Colombo gives you an opportunity to explore the world of Investor-State Dispute Settlement like never before.

The International Investor-State Mediation Competition (IIMC) Colombo will provide a global platform for mediation enthusiasts to learn from the best in the field, and compete and reflect on resolving Investor-State Disputes using mediation. IIMC Colombo aims to strengthen the field of mediation by broadening students’ knowledge on Mediation and enabling them to explore an avenue of Mediation which they would otherwise not have the opportunity to explore.

The Timeline

Jan | 2022


Keynote Address: UNCITRAL and the Path to ISDS in collaboration with UNCITRAL RCAP and SLLC

Panel Discussion 1: Investor-State Mediation – Framework, Practice and Capacity Building

Panel Discussion 2: Singapore Convention – Divided Opinions

Masterclass on Mediation and Mediation Advocacy


Opening Ceremony

Networking Session (Participants)



Semi-Finalists Announcement

Networking Session (Participants and Assessors)

Finalists Announcement

Grand Final

Closing Ceremony


Reflection Session: Negotiator Teams Session 1
conducted by Natascha Tunkel

Reflection Session: Negotiator Teams Session 2
conducted by Natascha Tunkel



Reflection Session: Mediator Teams conducted by Greg Bond

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